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Talking about sex in China?

A direct referencing to sex is not welcome in China. Influenced from the vulgarity of certain American TV-series some young Chinese may use sex-related expressions in their conversations. Nevertheless this is not the norm, so, in order not to loose the face and not to put Chinese in embarassing situations, one should avoid mentioning any matter related to sex. Eventually, in private colleague’s talks you could hear these phrases, but I would really be surprised if this would happen among the office walls. Anyway, I would like to strech the attention to the natural and everyday metaphoric of the Chinese language, surely not comparable with the obscenity that you may hear in the Italian language.

have sex:   有云雨  yǒu yún yŭ have clouds and rain, 有事  yǒu shì have things, 有那个  yǒu nàge have that one

search for women: 磕密  kē mì beat the honey, 寻花闻柳 xùnhuà wen liǔ search for flowers and willow

go with another woman who is not your wife: 吃豆腐  chī dòufŭ eat tofu

go with the woman of somebody else: 偷鸡摸狗  tōu jī mō gǒu kill chicken and steal dogs

be pregnant: 出事了  chū shì le had an accident

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