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Chádào: The Chinese art of brewing tea

Chádào 茶道 is the art of making tea. The making and drinking of tea which shows good manners, personality, taste, and aesthetic understanding, and which began in the Tang dynasty, became popular in the Song-Ming period, and was introduced into Japan and Korea, where it developed into local forms. Explanation from nciku. Brewing tea. Gongfu Tea ceremony….

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Shanghai Tea Markets

There are many tea markets in Shanghai. A couple of places which I have visited and I could recommend are the Tea Palast in 516 Zhong Shan Xi Lu , Puxi (天山茶店,中山西路516号, 铺西), crossing Changning Lu 长宁路 and RiXiangCha (日春茶业in 537-539 Yuntai Lu, Pudong, near the T-Junction Dezhou Rd-Yuntai Rd, Tel: 58835519. The Tea Palast is a five-floors building situated next…

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