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Machine translation: Which tool to use?

To quickly translate Chinese texts (e.g. baidu/wikipedia articles) I use following tools: Babylon; rule-based translation engine Google translate; statistical engine Systran. In the following an example of the translation quality of each of the tools. Texttype: popular science article Subject field: philosophy Source: http://baike.baidu.com/view/50208.htm, 22/11/2009 性格(character)是一种与社会相关最密切的人格特征,在性格中包含有许多社会道德含义。性格表现了人们对现实和周围世界的态度,并表现在他的行为举止中。 Here the translation of each of the character: 与…

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Translation quality

China and translation quality

当碰头 dāng pèng tóu.