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My "What to buy in Shanghai" list

Red lanterns, a lot of red lanterns… (from about 10 Yuan per piece); where: Yuyuan, fake markets a red qipao (woman dress in vogue in Shanghai during the 20ies)… (from 200 Yuan); where: cheap tailors market Yixing tea pots (from 300 Yuan); where: Yixing set for the preparation of tea (water boiler and cups warmer); where:…

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My "Why I miss my hometown" list

In a previous post (My „Why I do not like to live in Shanghai“ list) I created a list with reasons why I do not like to live in Shanghai. In this post I will list the reasons why I miss my hometown (my hometown is Belluno, the core of the Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti…

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My "Why I do not like to live in Shanghai" list

I just wonder why everybody is that upset when I state: „I do not like to live in Shanghai.“ „Why don’t you like it?“ they will ask me, and then I will try to list in a very confused way the 1000 reasons why I do not like to live in this metropole. So I…

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