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Expo and changing Chinese habits

The Chinese government has been working hard during the last months to destroy old district of the city and replacing them with skyscrapers and modern living centre. To be in line with the living conditions of other countries the Chinese government is also instructing thousands of police men to the modern traffic conditions, e.g. avoid…

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Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower (Dōngfāngmíngzhūtǎ 东方明珠塔) is surely one of the Shanghai’s attractions. The tower has been built between 1991 and 1995, it is 468 mt. high and it is one of the three tallest tower in the globe (at 2009). It’s English translation is „Oriental Pearl“, where 明珠 also means precious. The tower is opened…

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Street walking in Shanghai

Absolutely the best method to get to know the city, discover the thousands of small shops and meet its friendly inhabitants. From Zhong Shan Gong Yuan to the city center (about 5 kms) its about one hour walk. Along the Suzhou Creek or along the old streets of Shanghai (Huai Hai Lu, Hua Shan Lu,…

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Getting a bus in Shanghai

If you speak Chinese there is absolutely no problem to move by bus in Shanghai. Of course you should avoid the rush hours, as buses can become very crowded and you will need a long time to reach the destination. Even though it might not appear at the first sight, bus drivers are friendly and they…

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Getting a taxi in Shanghai

Getting a taxi in Shanghai is – still – pretty easy (I suppose there will some problems next year with the Expo). At the moment there are 50000 taxi in town, operated by 180 companies. Only during rush hours (8.30-9.30, 17.30-18.30) you may have some difficulties to get a free one, but you could cope…

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Life from a building site

This picture is dedicated to all workers in Shanghai who are giving their life for the city’s new modern touch. In Shanghai there are thousands building sites. An uncertain number of unknown Chinese work there, day and night, breaking old walls and building new ones, under the worst safety working conditions. Their average wage is 10 Euros…

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Pudong and the Pearl Tower

浦东 Pŭdōng is Shanghai’s New Town and lays on the east of the Huangpu River (黄浦河). Back to the 90ies this was a fishing village. Now it holds the biggest and most important buildings of Shanghai, such as the Pearl Tower and the World Trade Financial Tower and a major building under construction (it is…

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Rice fields in Lóngshèng

Lóngshèng, Gezu Autonomous County, Guìlín 桂林 municipality, Guǎngxī 广西.

Yellow River

With its 5.500 Kms 黄河, Huánghé is the second longest river in China, after the Yangtze River (长江 Cháng Jiāng), and the sixth longest in the world. I suppose it is called Yellow River due to its colour…

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