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Yinchuan 银川 and Ningxia 宁夏

Yinchuan 银川 is the capital of Ningxia 宁夏 (also called ‚Phoenix City‘). Ningxia 宁夏 is an autonomous region in the North of China. It lays on the Yellow River and it borders, in the north, with Inner Mongolia. It is an historical city and during the time of the Tang and Han dynasties (206 BC – 907 AD)…

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Destruction works continuing: Remodelling Shanghai for Expo 2010

The third phrase in my Business Chinese text book is Shanghai has changed considerably (上海的变化真大啊!shànghǎi de biànhuà zhēn dà ā), said from the CEO of an international company coming after some years to Shanghai for a business trip (出差 chūchāi). Well, I have been living in shànghǎi half a year now and I can prove that this city…

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Guilin 桂林 and Yangshuo 阳朔

Guìlín 桂林 and Yángshuò 阳朔 are among the finest destinations in China. Thanks to a rich vegetation, trekking and bike tracks, this region is the ideal goal of nature lovers. Unfortunately during the last 20 years this region has known a moderate economic boom and has been exploited from travel agencies. So, if you are searching peace avoid…

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I took this picture on my way to uni. In a couple of years we won’t be probably seeing these houses anymore. Something will be missing.

6 days Shanghai and sourroundings

1st Day: Visit to the Bund. Jin Mao Tower (highest building in Shanghai). Cruise on the Hangpu river (the river is disgustingly dirty, but the cruise gives you a good idea of the city’s architecture). 2nd Day: Fake markets day. Pearls (Hongqiao Pearl Market), Chinese dresses (Soft-Spinning Material Market), ipod and other electronic stuff (Shanghai…

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What to do in Shanghai?

Shanghai is the largest city in China with over 20 milion inhabitants. It is the center of the automotive industry, so you have a lot of German and American expatriates working here for car manufacturers. Shanghai is a modern and international city (Europeans have been living in the French Concession since the 19th century). So,…

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