Enhancing Learning

Exploiting cognition through Semantic Knowledge Management and writing practices

» Genesis – continued

Genesis – continued

The second semester at university

With the beginning of the second semester at university, the frontal instructions and absense of group interactions exacerbated my feelings of inadequateness for the applied methodology. Additionally, I started to become intolerant with the inability of teachers taking control of continuous interruptions of democratic students who kept on asking to-the-lesson impertinent questions about vocabulary and culture and that irremediably interfered with the performance of a disciplined and well-structured lesson.

Customizing my learning path

To face this situation I started constructing a customized learning path, through which I aimed to bring order into the chaos of the first months of learning. The result of this conceptualization phase was the creation of ad-hoc exercises for reviewing vocabulary and syntactical structures. I created a terminology database and started a story telling exercise that accompained my studies till the acquisition of the middle competence in the Chinese language, the HSK4 level.