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Is China cheaper than Italy?



No. Even the quality rice is cheaper in Italy…

Prices at 14 April 2009.

High quality rice
Italy: Riso superfino carniaroli, 500gr. 1.82 Euro. (Coop)
China: 静里含香 (jing li han xiang), 500gr. 2.09 Euro. (19 RMB, Carrefour)
High quality fresh Milk
Italy: Lattebusche, 1 L, 0.90 Euro
China: Ubest, 1 L, 1.35 Euro
Coffe at the bar
Venezia: 2,23 Euro to sit at Piazza San Marco, which is the most expensive bar in Italy (read here). 0.88 Cents to drink it on the bar.
Shanghai: 2,68 Euro, at Changning Street, no view, only traffic and smog. Take away, the same price. The price is the same in all Shanghai, and also in touristic places outside the metropole.

Shoes repair
Italy: TicTac, change of the gummi under the shoes, 12 Euros.
China: shopping mall, 26 Euros.
Secretary (able to speak a couple of foreign languages)
Italy: 1000 Euro
China: 1008 Euro (9000 RMB)
I have a lot of hope for Italy. I forecast that in a couple of years Italy will become the China of the new decade. I start to appreciate Italy has I have never done before!

admin123 • 14. April 2009

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