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My "Why I do not like to live in Shanghai" list

I just wonder why everybody is that upset when I state: „I do not like to live in Shanghai.“ „Why don’t you like it?“ they will ask me, and then I will try to list in a very confused way the 1000 reasons why I do not like to live in this metropole. So I thought to create the list in my blog and reference to it when next time somebody will ask me „Why?“.

– there are too many people living here, that means: means of transport, shopping malls, streets and parks are too crowdy;

– due to the fact that there are many people, it is very easy to get viruses such as flu, cold, eczema, molluschi and so on. One has to be very careful here, always carefully wash the hands.

–  in Shanghai there is no nature, there are only small parks with some evergreen plants and grass.

– Shanghai’s surroundings are everything but nice: flat, bold and colourless. There is no real escape from the city.

– Many parts of the city are dirty and stinky, even tough the good news is that the government is destroying old houses and slums to replace them with modern building.

– The rivers are pretty dirty.

– The tap water is dirty.

– Due to the fact that the city is since years a construction site, there is an heavy noise-pollution and air pollution.

– There are too many cars in the city.

– Last but not least, it is difficult to be alone in a big city.

Some problems that Shanghai is trying to face.

There are of course also pros (see the entry „Why I like to live in Shanghai“ which I invite you to read.

admin123 • 17. Januar 2009

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