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What to do before going to China

  • Check that you have a valid passport.
  • Request visa from the consulate or embassy -> this takes usually one week, but it is better to request it one month before, just to be sure you will have it. The visa will expire after three months from the date in which it was issued.
  • Save relevant numbers (such as the one of the consulate of your country) in your mobile phone. This may be useful in case you need a translator or for any other problem.
  1. Italian consulate Shanghai: +86(21) 54075588
  2. German consulate Shanghai: +86(21) 63912068
  3. Austrian consulate Shanghai: +86(21) 64740268
  4. Australian consulate Shanghai: +86(21) 5292 5500
  5. For other consulates check here.
  • Renew (if it is the case) vaccination against hepatitis A and B. The quality of the water is very bad in China. In some restaurant not only they cook with tap water but they use it to produce „fresh“ juices.
  • Buy ticket for China from Europe (it will cost between 500 and 800 Euros).
  • Learn some basic phrases in Chinese (you find a collection of the most used in my blog Wohuishuohanyu). This will help you to get the most out of your staying in China.
  • I then suggest you to read the Travels of Marco Polo (even in the simplified or children version). This will give you a lot of information about the China’s history, the Kublai Kan dinasty and Chinese life (as many things haven’t change since then…).

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