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Shanghai: Survival kit for Italians

How beautiful you are, Bialetti. If it wouldn’t have been for you I would have not survived in Shanghai. Of course I could have got an espresso from the bar downstairs, but nothing is more cheering than your aroma in the flat in the morning earliest hours. Thank you that you exists!

Zhongshan Park – Shanghai

中山公园  Zhōngshān Gōngyuán, in the Changning 长宁 district, is surely one of the nicest Shanghai’s parks. It has a british style as its former owner was a britishman. Nevertheless it has also Chinese and Japanese elements, a lot of little pagoda and bonsai.

Forest Park – Shanghai

公顷森林公园 Gōngqǐng Sēnlín Gōngyuán, big park in the north-east of Shanghai. It lays next to the Hangpu River. It contains more than 200 different tree species, cherry trees included, so it is very nice to visit the park in Mai by the cherry blossom.


Zongzi 粽子 are a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves (eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival). They are made with different fillings: with pork or beef meat, with nuts, yellow or red sweet beans. They will be cooked 25 minutes in boiling water and served hot. They are delicious. In…

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Is China cheaper than Italy?

No. Even the quality rice is cheaper in Italy… Prices at 14 April 2009. High quality rice Italy: Riso superfino carniaroli, 500gr. 1.82 Euro. (Coop) China: 静里含香 (jing li han xiang), 500gr. 2.09 Euro. (19 RMB, Carrefour) High quality fresh Milk Italy: Lattebusche, 1 L, 0.90 Euro China: Ubest, 1 L, 1.35 Euro Coffe at the…

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Organic food Shanghai

I am interested in buying certified organic food in Shanghai. I am looking forward fresh eggs, fresh meat, fresh milk (also goat milk), fresh vegetables. I found these places in the Internet. Does anybody have experience with these suppliers? (Just to let you know, I have been buying from farmers since I am a child,…

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