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For studends of Chinese as a foreign language

Being this blog originated from the experience of an adult expatriate learning Chinese in China, it is primarily dedicated to students of Chinese as foreign language at Chinese universities. I am confident that these in a real scenario-bilingual-generated stories will offer students and teachers, authentic, up-to-date and interesting material for vocabulary reviewing, translation exercises and discussion activities, as well as inspire them to use e-diaries (blogs and micro-blogs) as a medium for language learning and information structuring.

Chinese for business people and expatriates

Representing this blog the life experiences of an expatriate living in a quickly transforming environment and culture, this blog is also dedicated to business people who are planning to visit or relocate to China. The many stories about places worth visiting in Asia will make this blog attractive also to tourists who plan to travel through the lands of this continent, but also to all whom will never arrive there but have an interest in its lands, cultures and people.

Chinese for Chinese

I am also self-assured that this blog is of interest to a Chinese audience that is curious to learn more about the way expatriates perceive their homeland, how they organise their life, how they cope with a different mind set and traditions. I dedicate this blog to Chinese students engaged in learning any language. I am confident that with these stories everybody will add an enjoyable reference to a personal didactic collections.

Last but not least, I dedicate this blog to all friends around the world that have always followed my adventures through the continents giving me support and motivation.

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