Enhancing Learning

Exploiting cognition through Semantic Knowledge Management and writing practices

» The role of the learner

The role of the learner

The learner as  architect of his/her learning path

In this highly cognitive and autonomous context of learning the learner:

• is the main architect, actor and manager of his/her learning path;
• operates in a self-organised learning environment in which he/she defines the objectives and processes of learning (self-organized learning);
• makes use of semantic mapping methodologies and orders the personally selected vocabularies in lexicographical knowledge-bases (knowledge representation);
• transforms, through extensive writing exercises, the collected information into meaningful and functional units of content (knowledge production) and to accelerate the development of all related language (reading, listening and speaking) and cognitive competences;
• develops, through translation exercises, mature thinking about language structures and expressivity forms in an inter-linguistic perspective.
uses social softwares (blogs, microblogs, podcasts) to capture, structure, and distribute knowledge and to enhance knowledge construction through collaboration (knowledge distribution);

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