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Missing parmigiano, salami and fiorentina

I have been „on the road“ 11 years, living and working in many countries, from Europe Australia: I have never missed the Italian food. In all countries in which I have been living I always found, almost immediately, something tasty and interesting to eat that have prevented me to miss any of the fabulous Italian…

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Packed on/Best before: China and supermarket food safety

I have always thought to be an attentive buyer and to be able to recognise the good food from the bad simply looking at and touching it. This ability enabled me to fully enjoy my staying in different European countries, also in the southern hemisphere. Well, since I am in China I have lost the…

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What to do before going to China

Check that you have a valid passport. Request visa from the consulate or embassy -> this takes usually one week, but it is better to request it one month before, just to be sure you will have it. The visa will expire after three months from the date in which it was issued. Save relevant…

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