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6 days Shanghai and sourroundings

1st Day: Visit to the Bund. Jin Mao Tower (highest building in Shanghai). Cruise on the Hangpu river (the river is disgustingly dirty, but the cruise gives you a good idea of the city’s architecture).

2nd Day: Fake markets day. Pearls (Hongqiao Pearl Market), Chinese dresses (Soft-Spinning Material Market), ipod and other electronic stuff (Shanghai Science Technology Museum). Remember: The rule is to give the seller a forth of the price they will ask you. After the bargaining stress you could plan to go to a good tea house to taste some good Chinese tea (my favorite is the Long Jin Cha – the Dragon Well Tea from Hangzhou and the High Mountain Tea from Taiwan).
3rd Day: Museums Day. Shanghai Museum, Expo 2010 Exhibition Center, ShangArt Museum (in the North of the City).
4th Day: Some parks and Temples. There are some nice parks in Shanghai, e.g. Zhongshan Park (just in front of our apartment).
5th Day: Hangzhou. It is about 1 hour by train in the south-west of Shanghai.
6th Day: Suzhou. It is about 1 hour by train in the east of Shanghai.

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