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Chinese bank names

中国建设银行 zhōngguó jiànshè yínháng, Chinese Construction Bank, 建设 jiànshè =construction

国家开发银行 guójiā kāifā yínháng Chinese Development Bank, it is the only bank in China whose governor is a full minister. 开发 kāifā = exploitation (it doesn’t sound that good…)

中国农业银行 zhōngguó nóngyè yínháng, China Agricultural Bank, one of the „four banks“ in China. 农业 nóngyè = agricultural

中国民生银行 zhōngguó mínshēng yínháng,  China Minsheng Bank (otherwise it would be the bank of livelihood). 民生 mínshēng = livelihood (not sure about this translation…)

香港上海滙豐銀行  xiānggǎng shànghǎi fēng yínháng, HSBC (HongKong Shanghai Bank Corporation)  香港 xiānggǎng Hongkong, 滙豐 fēng (I couldn’t find this in the dictionary, it is probably Chinese Traditional… if somebody knows what this means please let me know).

花旗银行 huāqí yínháng, Citibank, the first American bank to establish operations in China (in 1902). 花旗 huāqí= United States

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