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High quality tailors

There are good tailors in Shanghai. They offer creations in different styles (Italian, French, English…) at cheaper prices than Europe (about 30% cheaper than Italy and 50% cheaper than Germany). For a man suit I would recommend Tai Pan Custom Tailor (Metro Line 2 ZhongShanGongYuan Station 中山公园地铁站, Exit 4, Changning Lu, a few steps away from MayFair Hotel). It has high quality Italian fabrics (cotton, wool, cashmere, everything from Marzoni), a excellent cut for reasonable prices (around 3500 RMB for a suit, incl. vest and shirt). 230 for a man’s shir, with nacre (mother of pearls) and handmade bottonhole. Recently I let copy an Hugo Boss suit and the copy is much better than the original, identical in cut with a much better material.

Checklist for the finished product:

  • if you have brought a suit to copy, check immediately if they get the right size. Sometimes they do it smaller or bigger;
  • make sure button holes are nice refined;
  • make sure buttons have been strongly attached to the suit;
  • make sure there is no defect in the fabric.

admin123 • 26. September 2009

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