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Cheap tailors market


The South Bund Soft-Spinning Material Market nán wài tān miàn liào 南外滩面料 in lù jiā bang lù  399 陆家浜路  is surely one of Shanghai attractions. As you may have already read in forums the quality of the products and materials is not excellent there. Nevertheless if you live in Shanghai, you know how to give instructions and you have an eye for quality you can get at the end a satisfactory quality. It is just, as in the majority part of the world, that you have to invest a lot of time (and patience) to get what you want.

For example I found a very good jeans maker which gives me a perfect cut and good material for 140 RMB per piece (stand 223). I also found some decent linen and cottons, combined with modern and casual style for 120 RMB per piece (stand 241). On the contrary I had only bad experiences with the creation of suits, so I just prefer to go to an Italian tailor and spend more money to get a decent quality.

尺寸  size

fitting (or close-fitting) 身的尺寸  jǐn shēn de chǐ cùn

loose (tight) (not loose) 紧绷的尺寸  jǐn bēng de chǐ cùn

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