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Chinese pijiamas



There are many things I will miss when back in Europe (I have created a list in a previous postings). One of the thing I will miss most are people walking in pijiama. There have been a lot of advertisment in national and English-speaking newspapers in China asking the population not to leave their houses in pijiama. Indeed people in China are leaving, with all seasons, weather conditions and all time of the day , in their pijiama. When interviewed they answered that they like to go to the market in pijiama, so that the sellers won’t try to give them an higher price on the fruit and vegetables as they are from the surroundings. Other explained that wearing a pijiama is also a status symbol and express the fact that one can afford to buy a pijiama. The most funny story was of course the one of the Chinese girl who went to study in Australia and only in Australia she realised that she was the only girl wearing a pijiama. Of course with her study abroad she has lost this habit and she is now trying to convince her mom not to wear a pijiama when outside. From my point on view, I really hope that Chinese will still go on wearing their pijiama as this is one of the cultural special mark!

admin123 • 13. Dezember 2009

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