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Police checking papers

Police checking papers

The Chinese government has been working hard during the last months to destroy old district of the city and replacing them with skyscrapers and modern living centre. To be in line with the living conditions of other countries the Chinese government is also instructing thousands of police men to the modern traffic conditions, e.g. avoid bicycle and motorcycle to cross the road when red and human to stay in the middle of the crossing waiting to cross the road. I have also seen an increase number of police men checking the papers and giving fare to motorcyclers who are carrying on their vehicles materials (which is a common habit of Chinese carrying all around the city materials on their tiny motorcycles). Of course all these measures are improving the life in this metropole: more safety, better living conditions. But some measure, like to prevent people to go out on the streets in their pijamas should be stopped, as this goes against the cultural habit of a nation. Sorry, but I just love to see people, women and men, walking the streets in their pijiama!! It gives me the feeling I am living in a big house.

admin123 • 16. Dezember 2009

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