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Moon cakes

Moon cake

Moon cake

Mooncakes (月饼, yuè bǐng) are traditional coockies that will be eaten in China (but also in other part of Asia) during the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節,zhōng qiū jié). Traditional moon cakes are made of different fillings (lotus seeds -the most luxurious -, sweet red beans, a mixture of different types of nuts, …) and usually hold a small salty egg in the middle. Chinese like to eat them after the festival’s meals, accompained by tea. Personally I find them delicious, manly the one with the red beans filling.

Where to buy the moon cakes in Shanghai? Click here.

***The moon is an important element in the Chinese culture and philosophy. It represents the beauty, pureness and chastity. Many poems have been written in honor of the moon.

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