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My "What to buy in Shanghai" list

  • Red lanterns, a lot of red lanterns… (from about 10 Yuan per piece); where: Yuyuan, fake markets
  • a red qipao (woman dress in vogue in Shanghai during the 20ies)… (from 200 Yuan); where: cheap tailors market
  • Yixing tea pots (from 300 Yuan); where: Yixing
  • set for the preparation of tea (water boiler and cups warmer); where: Tea Center, ZhongShanXiLu
  • tea set (from 80 Yuan); where: Tea Center, ZhongShanXiLu
  • green tea (Long Jin Cha, from 60 Yuan 50gr); Tea Center, ZhongShanXiLu
  • high quality paper (still very cheap in China there are a lot of shops); where: Fuzhou Lu
  • brushes and ink for calligraphie; where: Fuzhou Lu
  • calligraphie art;
  • traditional Chinese jacket (Mao style); where: Tailors market
  • silk pijama (from 100 Yuan); where: Tailors market
  • silk homeshoes (from 40 Yuan); where: Tailors market, fake markets
  • chopsticks (good ones, made of bamboo from 80 Yuan, 8 pieces); where: pearl markets
  • fans (medium size, high quality white paper, no decorations, 20 Yuan); where: pearl markets
  • small silk bags (5 Yuan); where: pearl markets
  • customed jeans (120 Yuan); where: Tailors market, fake markets
  • knittware (pullover, from 200 Yuan, hat and scarf, high quality, 400 Yuan); not far away from Zhong Shan Gong Yuan, Wuyi Lu, 357, 武夷路
  • cashmere pullover (highest quality, customed, 800 Yuan); where: Fuxing Lu
  • Chinese furniture (still cheap in China compared to Europe); where: Ningbo, south of Shanghai
  • silk, jade, pearls; where: Pearl Market
  • different types of ornaments (fishes, chilly, traditional); where: fake markets
  • books (for learning Chinese, still very cheap here); where: Fuzhou Lu
  • notepads (very nice stationery things); where: Fuzhou Lu or Carrefour

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