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Shanghai Tea Markets

Shanghai Tea Market

Shanghai Tea Market

There are many tea markets in Shanghai. A couple of places which I have visited and I could recommend are the Tea Palast in 516 Zhong Shan Xi Lu , Puxi (天山茶店,中山西路516号, 铺西), crossing Changning Lu 长宁路 and RiXiangCha (日春茶业in 537-539 Yuntai Lu, Pudong, near the T-Junction Dezhou Rd-Yuntai Rd, Tel: 58835519.

The Tea Palast is a five-floors building situated next to the Elevated Road. The first floor offers a great variety of Chinese tea, from the local and well-known Lóngjìn 龙进茶 to the more exotic Pŭěr 普洱茶, a speciality of Yunnan (云南), southern-west part of Asia. If you go to this place remain on the shop on the road where you can taste the tea in the company of friendly Chinese.

The RiXiangCha shop is in Pudong and also offers different types of tea. In this shop you can buy the 铁观音 tiě guānyīn, a variety of Oolong tea (1500 RMB per Kilo).

Please notice that in tea markets you usually do not get anything to eat. So, if you go to buy tea and you are going to taste it, it is better to go with a full stomach. If you want to eat when tasting tea you should better go to a Tea House.

P.s. some days ago I found in the Internet this tea shop, where I haven’t been but I would like to try. It is in the French Concession.

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