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My "Why I miss my hometown" list

In a previous post (My „Why I do not like to live in Shanghai“ list) I created a list with reasons why I do not like to live in Shanghai.

In this post I will list the reasons why I miss my hometown (my hometown is Belluno, the core of the Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi).

What do I miss? The marvellous view on the mountains; the trekking tours; the fresh and clean air; the clean waters flowing down the mountains, the rivers and the lakes; the flavour of fresh tomatoes; the milk I buy from the farmers (in China you can never be sure what to find in the milk… no risk, no fun… well, I prefer to avoid); the good steak of moutain cows (Carolina…); the Italian coffee bars (where you can order a coffee and you will get it warm and with aroma within 2 minutes in a normal porcellain warm cup); the Italian pizzeria (where you get a warm pizza not overflowed with cheap cheese); la piazza; the sound of the churches bells on Sunday mornings; nice shoes, nice bags, nice shops; the eyes of a deer staring at me in the forest; the trees, their smell, their green colour; the clouds of a tempest; the november clouds; the sound of a small river; a small country path; the countryside; a fresh grass breath; the aroma of the hearth; the vegetable garden; my mother, and I suppose a lot more.

admin123 • 22. Januar 2009

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